Single Track Added to Bay of Fires

Single Track Added to Bay of Fires

More Single Track Has Been Added To The Bay Of Fires Trail

For anyone that has ridden the full Bay of Fires trail (42 km) knows that after riding the super fun flowy first 13 km you then hit a section of fire road that is not the most exciting part of the trail and not liked by a lot of riders. If you’re not familiar with the trail from the 13 km mark to the 25 km mark approx there was a very boring and energy sapping fire road section before the trail went back onto great single track all the way to the beach trail end.

GOOD NEWS ! The trail fairies have answered your call and approx 5 km of new single track has just been built to replace the section from the halfway stop at 19 km to the 25 km mark. Now the only section of fire road left is from 13 km to 19 km, this section has access issues and hopefully the red tape gets sorted and we will finally see this magnificent trail be 100% single track and become one of the great rides of the world.

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